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A Tale of Two Cindys

KMb (Knowledge Mobilization)

Cindy King is Managing Editor of Social Media Examiner and a cross-cultural marketer who helps businesses develop globally by using social media. Recently, she helped answer a comment question from a person following her blog, Cindy Brock, about how to use social media, particularly Twitter to increase her number of followers, and promote an upcoming book. I do not know either of these Cindys, nor have I ever been in contact with either one, but I learned about them through following interesting links on Twitter. Three things I like about the advice from one Cindy to another:

1) As a marketer herself, Cindy King reaffirms proper consideration of online etiquette – or (if I may) tweet-iquette – even for Internet marketers.

2) I like her analogy of the Twitter cocktail party. As Cindy King says, “You would not just barge up to people, grab them by the arm and force them into your group of followers, would you? There’s chit chat first with people you meet for the first time, then you bring up subjects to see if you have things in common”.

3) Finally, I think there’s value in her suggestion of using a Tweet Plan with things like SocialOomph or Hootsuite to more effectively connect and increase followers and those you might wish to follow. Not just for marketers and business prospects, but for all tweeters.

Now don’t get me wrong. I am not overly impressed with the barrage of Internet marketers vying for my time online just as much as telemarketers do by phone. (Thankfully, we’re on a no-call telephone list for that – and fortunately Twitter has a no-tweet block function). My point though, is that instead of slamming a tweet product in my face without making some type of social connection or interaction an Internet marketer will not sell me a product.

As a Digital Researcher, I’m particularly interested in knowledge mobilization – especially receiving and sharing information with the use of social media.  Twitter is one, excellent way of doing this, particularly because I enjoy sharing and receiving information and/or knowledge in a faster, more interactive social manner. Yet, I also want to get the most mileage out of my tweets. Mostly it’s thanks to all who are kind enough to retweet what I post, but sometimes I’d also like to share with others on the other side of the globe in a timelier manner. Usually it’s when I’m sound asleep in the middle of the night on this side of the planet, or too busy to tweet on a certain day. The use of the Tweet Plan creates this possibility.

Certainly it’s important to remember having a Tweet Plan to automatically retweet for you mean doesn’t mean ignoring the importance of the social part of social media. It’s like receiving email or voicemail for those times when you’re not available. But it’s not enough. Unless you’re willing to attend those cocktail parties in person and network, you’re never going to be able to get to know others on a more significant level (building interest, trust and reliability) and vice versa.

(The Trust Equation thanks to Jack Ricchiuto at

So, some great advice from one Cindy to another, which is one of the wonderful things that Twitter can interactively do for us all. At the great Twitter cocktail party it’s a pleasure to attend and meet others who are interesting and engaging, and also interested in you. Perhaps you might even meet a Cindy or two.

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